The Data Platform for Predictive Entomology.

ENTOPOP is a self-service data platform for entomological bioinformatics. Quickly shift from numbers to solutions and get interactive results and fast analytics. Manage your data, analyze your specimens, and connect your apps and devices with our powerful API.

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What Is Predictive Entomology?

We developed the Predictive Entomology Graph (PEG), a technology that transforms insect data into crisp, actionable insights to help researchers, agriculture and life sciences perform better forecast, prevention, and strategic control operations.


AI-infused Phenotype Data Modeling and Syntax

We use NLP to provides a much more objective and standardized way to describe taxa and phenotype syntax.


Accelerated Spatio-Temporal Population Analysis

Our AI-infused data platform provides the most accurate picture of complex insect population dynamics, allowing computational biologists, and business executives take better measures – in time.


One API, One Integration, One Data Source.

State-of-the-Art API for programmatic data access, trusted sources and integration with familiar tools enable you and your staff to seamlessly manage your business and research operations.

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We Are Pioneering a New Era of Insect-Based Data Business.

Insect data is currently found in individual publications distributed across thousands of scientific journals or in numerous unconnected data repositories, making the analysis and use of this data a cumbersome manual task. We built our company to allow computational biologists, the agriculture and life sciences industry, to perform better with unprecedented accuracy and speed, while keeping insect populations in balance. We’re a Berlin-based company.